Die VETRO City zeigt 12 Uhr MESZ am 1. Mai an.


Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
MESZ und Datum
Acrylglas, Aluminium und Edelstahl
H220mm x B210mm x T60mm
Tischsonnenuhr mit präziser Anzeige der mitteleuropäischen Sommerzeit (MESZ), des Datums und der Jahreszeiten. Ein faszinierendes Designobjekt zur Aufstellung vor einem sonnenbeschienenen Fenster.
99,00 € inkl. MwSt.
Lieferzeit 3 Wochen
  • Versandkostenfrei in Deutschland, EU und Schweiz ab 100 EURO Bestellwert
  • 2 Wochen Rückgaberecht (Unikate ausgenommen)
  • Bei Fragen anrufen: +49-(0)611-185 11 06


Most sundials, although correctly constructed and perfectly constructed, do not allow a direct and accurate reading of the standard time (i.e. Central European Time CET) because they indicate the true solar time (LAT) and not the Central European Time (CET) that is familiar to us.

The principle of VETRO City makes it possible to specify the CET or any other standard time with minute accuracy and even the date. For this purpose, the sundial is placed on a sunny spot on the desk or the windowsill, leveled and aligned with the help of the wristwatch. A use in the garden or on the balcony is also possible, in addition the sundial can also firmly with each underground (stone, railing, etc.) are screwed.

It is designed as a classic vertical sundial, but has a horizontal, designed as a cone gnomon. The sunlight is projected from behind onto the translucent dial, time and date are read at the shadow tip. Since the time is read from the side away from the sun, especially places near the windows are suitable locations.

The dial is divided into two time and date scales, one for the rising sun (winter and spring) and the other for the descending sun (summer and fall). The dial is in an anodised aluminum rail and is turned to the solstices.

The once necessary adjustment of the sundial is very simple: you turn the dial until the time is the same as the wristwatch.

The VETRO City is manufactured as unique for the desired location. We determine the geographic coordinates from your address and calculate the scales for Central European Summer Time (CEST) or any other standard time or summer time (daylight saving time). If the sundial is intended for a different location, please indicate this in the remark field when ordering.

The VETRO City is the successor to the original town sundial of Dieter Vogt, who has handed over the production to us. With his approval, we have improved the sundial in some ways:

  •     The VETRO City is now also suitable for outdoor use. All parts are stainless and the scale is UV resistant.
  •     It can now be leveled, with the central ball joint, the dial can be aligned exactly with the help of the provided spirit level.
  •     It can now be mounted firmly in the ground, on a stone or railing. Screw and dowel are included.