Base plate for the AURORA A sundial with CET slide adjuster and equation of time table

AURORA A base plate

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
Anodised aluminium
L182mm x B96mm x H12mm
An adjustable base plate which can be positioned towards the south. With time lag table, longitude slide adjuster to determine CET and spirit level. Non-scratch weatherproof print.
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AURORA A Sundial
AURORA A Sundial + base plate

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AURORA is the Roman goddess of the dawn, the namesake of our sundial.

While wristwatch time is a division of time which has been invented by man to fit in with his needs, the sundial reproduces the natural path of the Sun. When the Sun reaches its daily highest position in the south after rising in the morning and continually ascending, it is noon and AURORA displays 12:00 noon solar time. This so-called true noon divides the day exactly into two halves and it now takes exactly as long for the Sun to set in the evening.

AURORA is a model of our Earth's globe. An attractive teaching aid which is easy to understand, you can use it to visually track the origins of time measurement and the emergence of the seasons.

You can easily build a stable sundial in a few minutes from this six part plug-in kit. AURORA A is made of 1,5mm strong anodised aluminium, the inscription is scratchproff and UV resistant. The sundial is suitable for use outside throughout the year.

An adjustable base plate which can be positioned towards the south is available as an accessory, on which the AURORA A can be permanently mounted.

German manual.




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