Garden Sundial Armillary Sphere D38

Garden Armillary Sphere D38

True solar time
D38cm x H78cm
Equatorial garden sundial based on an historic armillary sphere with 38 cm diameter.
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The sundial has lost none of its fascination over the centuries. Sundials used to be the masters of the time. Today sundials are more of an aesthetic function, and they make people think about the phenomenon of "time".

This equatorial sundial with a closed meridian and equatorial ring (diameter 38 cm) is modeled on the historic armillary sphere. Each sundial is forged and patinated by hand. An artistic feature is the multiple helix of the sundial foot.

The armillary sphere is ideal as a romantic garden decoration, the armillary sphere is particularly effective on a wall or stone pillar. We also offer a matching pillar made of artificial concrete as an accessory. The delivery of the pillar is included in the price for deliveries within Germany. Please ask for details on deliveries abroad if required.

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