HORA Floris sundial kit with flower clock made of aircraft plywood. © Helios e.K., flower clock: © Ursula Schleicher-Benz, after Carl von Linné Jan Thorbecke Verlag

HORA Floris sundial kit

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller and Ursula Schleicher-Benz
solar time and flower clock
aircraft plywood (birch)
L149mm x B106mm
Two piece sundial kit with flower clock after Carl von Linné. Made of three layers of high quality aircraft plywood (birch). With letter card made of chromo cardboard (300g/m²) and envelope C6.
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Flower clock after Carl von Linné

The Swedish natural scientist Carl von Linné (1707-1778) could read the time of day to the nearest five minutes on his famous flower clock. He took advantage of the fact that every plant opens and closes its flowers at certain times. The sunlight is the clock.

Sundial kit

With the HORA Floris you can create your own flower clock in the garden! Because the sundial shows the solar time, which the plants follow.
Place the shadow caster in the slots of the dial. If you point the sundial with the compass to the north, the shadow cast will indicate the sun time. Observe the delightful interaction of the natural clocks, both of which follow the natural course of the sun!

Two-piece kit made of three-ply airplane plywood (birch) in a set with envelope and letter card made of 300 g/m² chromo board (uncoated back). Packed in transparent OPP cover.


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