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Dear Paul,

after having read your story several times, it is now really time for a comment.
It is a great pleasure for us to have the Polaris sundial situated in the LA FAULA garden - with the Monte Canin, the right point north, in the background. We love your place and we will of course come another time to look for the doggies and for the sundial and pass again unforgettable days. Until than we follow the webcam images on, they give us the impression as if we were there.

It is a privilege that the Polaris is mentioned as your companion like it was your Breitling and your first Seiko from your Godfather. We shared your stories and heard a lot of your former live in Wellington, in London and now at LA FAULA. The characterisations are really ingenious: your patrol as a 19 year-old New Zealand Constable testing the security of the parliament, the London people with their watches as potent status symbols, the moment of finding the Breitling unlike any other ...

We wish you good times with your chronographical companions furthermore!

Christine, Carlo & Franca