Mit dieser Tabelle können Sie aus der Zeit der Sonnenuhr die MEZ bestimmen.


Helios Sonnenuhren
Tabelle zur Bestimmung der mitteleuropäischen Zeit (MEZ) aus der von der Sonnenuhr angezeigten Zeit (WOZ). Mittelwerte in einem Schaltjahrzyklus. Auf Wunsch für bestimmtes Jahr. Tabelle wird als PDF per E-Mail verschickt, auf Wunsch ausgedruckt per Post.
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Here you will find all you need to construct your own wall sundial.

Sundial calculation as a table with small scale sundial diagram. Please give address details (street, town), wall deviation (declination) and size of the sundial when ordering.

Adjustable gnomon for installation in the house wall. Standard length is 800mm. Custom-made available.

Fixable inclinometer for precise adjustment of the latitude of equatorial sundials. Also ideal for the adjustment of the gnomon of a vertical or a horizontal sundial. Gnomon diameter 4-12mm. Generally also suitable as a inclinometer for other purposes.

Measuring table to measure the wall deviation (declination) by the Sun.  Including software for your computer or laptop (Windows 10 or older). The latter can be purchased separately. The wall deviation or declination is the angle, that a wall's perpendicular makes with due south (i.e. a wall facing S has d=0°). Walls declining westward have positive declinations, those eastward, negative.

We can work out the wall deviation (declination) using a cadastral map your house or Google Maps.


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