Helios Sundials

"Carlo Heller's sundial is a precision instrument, sensational, aesthetically pleasing, weather-proof and handcrafted in an unusually loving fashion: It brings a totally new perspective to the ancient idea of time measurement via the earth's orbit of the sun."

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes about the HELIOS Subsolaris and its inventor on 4 September 2001. Until today Helios e.K. offers you an exclusive range of accurate sundials with modern design.

HORA Sundial
Made from Porcelain
49,90 €

HORA Floris Sundial
Sundial with flower clock after Carl von Linné
59,90 €

HORA Floris sundial kit
The postcard with the flower clock!
6,95 €


HORA Lux Sundial
LUX VITA EST - Light is life
from 59,90 €

HORA Lux CE sundial kit
The internal clock as a postcard
4,95 €

AURORA C Sundial
Construction set with gold foile lettering
12,50 €

AURORA A Sundial
Construction set made of anodised aluminium
from 99 €

Sundial kit made of aircraft ply wood
24,90 €


But it does move!
195 €

Follow the Sun!
Introductory price 595 €

Table sundial with standard time and date display
129 €

PIETRA Solar Ring
As if carved in stone!
ab 495 EUR

SOLEMIO Sonnenuhr
Licht wandert um die Welt.
9,95 €


Hemisferium is a specialist in fabricating objects that link us to our scientific past, and in making them accessible to all those who love the art and beauty of science.

Adriana und Joaquín Benshimol select instruments whose scientific, historic, and esthetic value make them interesting and which can be reproduced using today's materials and techniques.

Multiple Sundial
By David Beringer
74,90 €

The Shepherd’s Dial
Time measurement by the altitude of the Sun
69,90 €


"Klaus Hünig of AstroMedia is an active collector of ideas whose enthusiasm for natural phenomena, physics, astronomy and mechanics can be felt in every design." Astronomy and Practice 8/2008

We carry all sundials and astronomical instruments from AstroMedia.

Big Digital Sundial
Time shown in digits
12,90 €

Two Sundials = One Compass
6,60 €

Favourable to first-time user
1,10 €

Sun Compass
Find due south - exactly and easily!
1,10 €

The Solar Projector
Easy and secure observation - even for children
19,90 €

The Solar Telescope
6x magnification!
3,90 €



The Newton Telescope
Fully functional reflecting telescope
22,90 €

Jens Schmitz-Scherzer

As an illustrator and graphic designer, Jens Schmitz-Scherzer works intensively with light and shade in nature, in paintings and in illustrations.
He is particularly fascinated by the fact that it is possible to read the time from the shadow of an object, e. g. a style inserted into the ground. He developed a series of historic cardboard construction kits. These contain original dials of designers from the heyday of sundial making.

Historic sundial after Rudolf von Graffenried
Sundial kit made of cardboard

Historic Sundial after Georg Brentel
Sundial kit made of cardboard
19,90 €