The sundial indicates 9 o'clock solar time. In the human body it comes to the highest testosterone release.

HORA Lux CE sundial kit

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
True solar time and internal biological clock
Aircraft plywood (birch)
L149mm x B106mm
Horizontal sundial kit with internal biological clock. With illustrations of body processes and their effects.
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HORA Lux CE - sundial kit with internal biological clock

In addition to the HORA Lux C from porcelain, we also offer the sundial as a wooden postcard with a correspondence card and envelope. The two-piece sundial kit HORA Lux CE is made of aircraft plywood. Composed of a horizontal sundial with display of the solar time and the human internal biological clock. The C stands for about this (lat. "about one day"). From this, the term "circadian rhythm" used in the chronobiology is derived for the internal biological clock. The E stands for epistula (lat. Letter).

The internal biological clock regulates human body temperature, blood pressure and hormone release. It determines individually which times of the day people prefer for meals, sports or love and how and when they sleep. Three US researchers have found out how the internal biological clock works and received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2017.

Lux vita est - Light is life. The internal biological clock of the person is influenced the most by the change of the color and intensity of the sunlight and is synchronized again and again with the natural day and night change.

Therefore, the time change brings the internal biological clock of many people from the beat! Consequently,  you live better after the solar time, then you will be awake and better mooded during the day, more efficient and rarely ill!

Every HORA Lux CE wooden postcard comes with a greeting card attached to the recipient. The motive of the postcard is the internal clock with space, in order to be able to register insights to the own internal biological clock.

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