The sundial POLARIS L indicates 14 o'clock EDT in New York City. The sun is at New Orleans (90°W) at noon.

POLARIS L Sundial Kit

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
Any standard time, date, noon position of the Sun on the world maps
aircraft ply wood
D100mm x H80mm x L100mm
Equatorial sundial displaying any standard time in the world and the date. Global position of the Sun on integrated world maps. Sundial kit made of aircraft ply wood. For all locations in the world between 64°S and 64°N. Now with English lettering and English assembly instructions.
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So far, we offer the POLARIS in stainless steel in various sizes. Now there is the POLARIS L sundial kit, which is even more versatile than the steel model. The "L" stands for "Lignum", the Latin word for wood, the construction material of POLARIS L. We use high-quality aircraft plywood, which ensures the stability and durability of the sundial.

Assembled in a short time, you get a minute exact sundial with indication of any standard time, the date and the apparent solar migration around the world. Here are the facts about POLARIS L summarized:

  •  Equatorial sundial with equal-area projections of the northern and southern hemispheres
  •  Suitable for any location in the world between 64° S and 64° N
  •  Minute-precise display of any standard time and summer time (daylight saving time) in the world
  •  Solar migration around the world (noon position of the sun in real time)
  •  Year-round date display
  •  22-piece kit made of sturdy aircraft ply wood (birch)
  •  Easy assembly for your own location
  •  Detailed, richly illustrated manual (now in English)
  •  Video tutorial showing the assembly with moving pictures and explaining the functions (in German).



Documents and links

Detailed, richly illustrated building instructions.

Layout of the English version of the POLARIS L sundial kit

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