Helios Sundials

"Carlo Heller's sundial is a precision instrument, sensational, aesthetically pleasing, weather-proof and handcrafted in an unusually loving fashion: It brings a totally new perspective to the ancient idea of time measurement via the earth's orbit of the sun."

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes about the HELIOS Subsolaris and its inventor on 4 September 2001. Until today Helios e.K. offers you an exclusive range of accurate sundials with modern design.

Sundial watch for individualists
from 78

Big version of the sundial watch
149,50 €

HELIOS Solar Ring I
A 400 years success story
from 149 €

HELIOS Solar Ring II
original construction of the Farmer's Ring
from 49 Euro

CIELO Ring Sundial
Chosen by Angela Merkel as a welcome gift
from 545 €

ICARUS Portable Sundial
Time travel cross the world
295 €

Hannes Kala KG

Michael Kala writes about the development of his ring sundial:
"After countless hours of intensive conversations and drawn sketches, I was able to hold in the hand my first universal ring sundial, four and a half years after the first seen the first farmer's ring. Today my sons Hannes (picture) and Matthew have long ago directed the fortunes of the manufactory Kala. Their commitment will lead the myth of true understanding of the times into a sunny future."


Pocket Sundial Kala
Universal equinoctial ring sundial
39,50 €


Hemisferium is a specialist in fabricating objects that link us to our scientific past, and in making them accessible to all those who love the art and beauty of science.

Adriana und Joaquín Benshimol select instruments whose scientific, historic, and esthetic value make them interesting and which can be reproduced using today's materials and techniques.

Diptych Sundials
From the golden age of sundials
from 19,90 €


Sundial Philipp II
With a folded gnomon
29,90 €

Farmer's Ring
Historical altitude ring dial
39,90 €


Nautical Compass
With sundial
69,90 €

Pocket Compass
Looks like a typical pocket watch
59,90 €

Sundial Urania Propitia
A tribute to Maria Cunitz
69,90 €


Augsburg Clock
Decorated equinoctial sundial
89,90 €

Quadrant of Gunter
A legendary universal instrument
99,90 €

Predecessor of the sextant
179,90 €

Nautical Altimeter
Owned by Dundee skipper Andrew Smyton
29,90 €

Nocturnal and Tide Computer
Chronometry and tide prediction
from 29,90 €

Historical instrument available in three sizes
from 29,90 €

Sundials, astrolabes and more
9,90 €


The Ostalb Workshops are recognized workshops for people with disabilities. 400 mentally and physically disabled people work under the instruction of experienced instructors. They create high-quality wooden toys that have been meticulously designed down to the very last detail. For our workers quality means more than just producing perfect work. It means courage, motivation and a joy of life!

Sundial Naseweis
To enable small explorers to experience great things!
14,90 €


"Klaus Hünig of AstroMedia is an active collector of ideas whose enthusiasm for natural phenomena, physics, astronomy and mechanics can be felt in every design." Astronomy and Practice 8/2008

We carry all sundials and astronomical instruments from AstroMedia.

Ring Sundial
The queen of sundials
13,90 €

Indispensable angle meter
19,90 €

The Stardial
With a mariner’s astrolabe
12,90 €

Already used by Columbus
2,20 €

Brilliant invention dating back to 1476
7,90 €