Kala annular sundial

Pocket Sundial Kala

H.M. Kala
True solar time
Diameter 60mm
Annular sundial based on a historical model. Can be used universally for any latitude. Solar compass and time display. Delivered in an exquisite presentaion box with user manual.
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This equatorial ring sundial is made according to the historical model, the original can be found at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

The ring sundial can be used anywhere in the world without the help of a compass. It makes use of the fact that the declination (Sun angle to the equatorial plane) takes different values over a year. The marker, the small hole mask in the center, is movable and is set to the date. Thus, the angle of the perforated mask corresponds to the inner edge of the numeral of the declination on the corresponding day. The true solar time is read.

The modern development of this principle is the CIELO ring sundial.

Look at the video showing the KALA sundial:


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