ICARUS Portable Sundial (Illustration similar).

ICARUS Portable Sundial Grey

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
CET/CEST, true solar time, position of the Sun
Aluminium, brass, stainless steel
L155mm x B90mm x H8mm (collapsed)
Portable sundial with display of any standard time for any time zone in the world. Only the red version is available. English inscriptions on the sundial. English manual.
395,00 € incl. VAT
the grey not available, please choose red one
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The 17th and 18th centuries -when mechanical clocks were still too expensive and inaccurate- were the heyday for portable sundials showing local apparent time. The fact that this time, defined by the position of the Sun, is susceptible to seasonal variations and differs from location to location was no great drawback in a period when the stagecoach was the fastest means of transport. Only the advent of the railway and telegraphy made long-distance travel and global communication possible. The introduction of today’s standardised time, uniformly synchronised and divided into 24 time zones, is the inevitable consequence of these developments.

The ICARUS is the first portable sundial which you can adjust for our modern, time-zone-regulated time. You can read off Central European Time (CET) or the standard time in any other time zone in the world. The ICARUS remains true to its origins: the apparent movement of the Sun from east to west across the Earth, source of our time measurement, can be followed on the sundial in real time. The shadow shows you where in the world the Sun is reaching its culmination at this moment in time, that is, where noon is taking place. The ICARUS can also be used as a solar compass, which works without a magnetic needle, or even for navigational purposes to determine the geographic coordinates of your current position.

Includes belt pouch and detailed manual. A stand for mounting the ICARUS and exhibiting it indoors is also available as an accessory.

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