In November 2023, the German Federal President Steinmeier presented the CIELO to the Sultan of Oman as a state gift.

CIELO Ring Sundial Gold

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
Local apparent time (solar time)
Gold, aluminium, stainless steel
D96mm x H138mm x H5mm (collapsed)
Portable sundial, sun compass and navigator. For all latitudes, also southern hemisphere. Glossy parts gold plated.
645,00 € incl. VAT
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The CIELO was presented to King Abdullah II of Jordan by Angela Merkel as a welcome gift during his state visit to Germany in September 2019.

In November 2023 the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier travelled to Oman for political talks. The German head of state personally chose our CIELO Ring Sundial Gold as a state gift for the Sultan of Oman from a variety of suggestions put before him.

The equinoctial ring sundial originates from the "Golden Age" of sundials between the 16th and 18th century. It was also called the "Queen of Sundials", because it is the only sundial which can find due south without a compass and can be used at any latitude all over the world.

The CIELO [ital. heaven] represents the highest level of development in the equinoctial ring sundial (registered for patent), is simpler to use and more accurate. And it is a model of the firmament, which helps us to understand the origins of time measurement from an authentically cosmic point of view.

Glossy parts coated with palladium or gold, meridian disc and date ring made of stainless steel, all scales and time ring made of anodized aluminium with scratch-resistant printing. Detailed English manual (see documents).

Consumer opinions:

"It is more than a great piece. It is like a jewel!"
Josep M. Caixàs, Spain

"You create fascinating products. Your Cielo Sundial is both an instrument and a work of art. The feel of the adjustments is smooth, precise, and extraordinary.  The gold accents vs the brushed aluminum make this jewel like in presentation.  the fit and finish exceeded my expectations, even at this price point.
Scale is a big tough to judge on the website. In your hand it has the diameter of about softball.
What I had not anticipated was the way the gnomon slides and stops along the figure-eight cutout in the center, depending on the date you've set. Not only brilliant in design, but endlessly intriguing to think about. Very centering to see and think about how our planet moves throughout the year. I've never looked so forward to the solstices and equinox.
They sell two types of stands, which are easy to miss in the ordering process.  Both are worth it. 
On a 5 Star system this is 6 Stars."
Tim J., Houston, Texas, USA
"I just wanted to thank you once again for all the care and attention that you took to help me create the perfect 60th Birthday present for my brother. It is an object of absolute beauty and I am so very pleased that I thought of this as a gift idea… to be able to personalise it so wonderfully was really the icing on the cake."
Matthew Phelps, London, UK


Watch the video to learn about using the CIELO ring sundial (English version spoken by Richard Martin):

Documents and links

Detailled English manual of the CIELO sundial

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