Helios Sundials

"Carlo Heller's sundial is a precision instrument, sensational, aesthetically pleasing, weather-proof and handcrafted in an unusually loving fashion: It brings a totally new perspective to the ancient idea of time measurement via the earth's orbit of the sun."

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes about the HELIOS Subsolaris and its inventor on 4 September 2001. Until today Helios e.K. offers you an exclusive range of accurate sundials with modern design.

MERIDIANA Noon-mark Sundial
High noon
980 €

SCALA vertical dibond
The value-for-money wall sundial
from 395 €

SCALA vertical alu
Wall sundial made of aluminium
from 1,150 €

VETRO vertical
Wall sundial made of glass
from 1,290 €

STELLA vertical
Wall sundial according to your wishes
from 990 €

DIY Wall Sundial
All you need!
from 24.50 €