Helios Sundials

"Carlo Heller's sundial is a precision instrument, sensational, aesthetically pleasing, weather-proof and handcrafted in an unusually loving fashion: It brings a totally new perspective to the ancient idea of time measurement via the earth's orbit of the sun."

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes about the HELIOS Subsolaris and its inventor on 4 September 2001. Until today Helios e.K. offers you an exclusive range of accurate sundials with modern design.

Earth-Sun-model with elliptical Earth path
16,900 €



Hemisferium is a specialist in fabricating objects that link us to our scientific past, and in making them accessible to all those who love the art and beauty of science.

Adriana und Joaquín Benshimol select instruments whose scientific, historic, and esthetic value make them interesting and which can be reproduced using today's materials and techniques.

Perpetual Calendar
On which day I was born?
54,90 €

Moon Calendar
Phases of the moon and tides till 2198
79,90 €

Cinema like in the good old days!
54,90 €


"Klaus Hünig of AstroMedia is an active collector of ideas whose enthusiasm for natural phenomena, physics, astronomy and mechanics can be felt in every design." Astronomy and Practice 8/2008

We carry all sundials and astronomical instruments from AstroMedia.

The Cassini Celestial Globe
Historical globe of 1792
5,90 €

The Golden Dividers
The "golden ratio" is also popular for sundials.
9,80 €

The Glass Planetarium
Artful miniature solar system

The Astronomer's Ring
A finger planetarium from the 16th century
16,80 €

The Desktop Planetarium
Instrument for observer-centred astronomy
29,90 €

Sun Movement Simulator
Observe the Sun's movement
1,90 €

True Solar Time-Clock
From true solar time to standard time
2,90 €

The Copernican Orrery
The first ever fully functional cardboard orrery!
34,90 €

World's Secret
Keplers symmetry of the universe
12,90 €

Sundials literature

The most famous German literature about sundials is written by Arnold Zenkert (1923-2013). Harald Grenzhäuser writes about him:

"Arnold Zenkert was a teacher that you wish to have for your children: lovable, understanding, helpful, humble and an excellent expert in gnomonics with a lot of experience."

Sonnenuhren, die Geschichte(n) erzählen
von Renate Frank
18 €

The Flower Clock
after Carl Linnaeus. The practical accompanying booklet for the HORA Floris
9,90 €

Unsere Innere Uhr
Von Jürgen Zulley & Barbara Knab
Ideales Begleitbuch zur HORA Lux
16,90 €

Fascination Sundial
For beginners
(in German)
29,80 €

The Sundial and her Theory
For advanced learners (in German)
44,00 €

2012 Latin Aphorism
Collection by P. Kunath
(in German)
19,80 €

Sundial Expedition
Books by G. Behnsch
(in German)
from 10,00 €

"Der Messinghimmel"
How does an astrolabe work?
(in German)
25,00 €

Compendium of Astronomy
Standard work by Hans-Ulrich Keller
(in German)
39,90 €

A Dial in your Poke
History of portable sundials by Mike Cowham
(in English)
59,80 €