Table planetarium with earth, moon, sun and planets

The Desktop Planetarium

Klaus Hünig
D33cm x H34cm
Clear and vivid simulation of the movement of the sun, moon and planets from a geocentric point of view. For any time in the year and any location on Earth.
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Product-Variations and Add-ons
The Desktop Planetarium with binding screws

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With this beautiful desktop planetarium you can easily visualise the movement of Sun, moon, planets and fixed stars above and below the horizon for any location on Earth and any day of the year. A real gem, not only as an astronomical instrument and teaching tool, but also as a fantastic showpiece.

Main features:
- Meridian adjustable for all angles including north and south pole
- Ecliptic with dates, degree scale and stellar constellations
- Equinoctial with apparent local time, twilight zones and lengths of day and night
- Lunar orbit with moveable nodes and eclipse indicators
- Foam rubber planets that can be positioned freely on the ecliptic
- Constructed from four layers of cardboard, nearly as strong as laminated wood
- Collapsible when built with our optional set of barrel bolts
- Construction time: 8-12 hours

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