Helios Sundials

"Carlo Heller's sundial is a precision instrument, sensational, aesthetically pleasing, weather-proof and handcrafted in an unusually loving fashion: It brings a totally new perspective to the ancient idea of time measurement via the earth's orbit of the sun."

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes about the HELIOS Subsolaris and its inventor on 4 September 2001. Until today Helios e.K. offers you an exclusive range of accurate sundials with modern design.

HELIOS Subsolaris
Unique precision sundial
from 3,950 €

MAGELLAN Globe Sundial
Discover time!
1,490 €

MONDO Globe Sundial
All the time of the world
1,490 €

TERRA Globe Sundial
Light and shadow
1,290 €

MAGELLAN XXL Globe Sundial
35cm globe made from bronze
12,900 €

PIETRA Globe Sundial
As if carved in stone!
Introductory price 2,450 €


Custom made for your location
from 1,690 €

CHRONOS Precision Sundial
CET/CEST to the minute!
from 445 €

Precise equatorial sundial
from 395 €

The ideal teaching model with a great variety of functions.
995 €

The equatorial sundial in large format
from 2950 €

Interactive Celestial Globe
Sundial and simulator of the Sun's path
from 3,450 €

Celestial globe made of stainless steel
29,500 €

Sundial Tower
East - South - West - North
from 17,500 €

Analemmatic Sundial
ideal for schools.
From 390 €


Special sundials from other manufacturers

In order to offer our customers the widest possible variety of sundials, we have included special products from other manufacturers in our range. These include the historic ring sundial by Michael Kala, whose sons Hannes (pictured) and Matthäus have taken over the reins of the manufactory. We would also like to recommend the glass SOLEMIO cylinder sundial by Dr. E. Kretschmann and the Naseweis sundial for little adventurers from the Ostalb workshops, a recognised workshop for disabled people.

Garden Sundial Eratosthenes D32
Equatorial sundial in patinated steel
149 €

Garden Sundial "Apollo" D28
cast in brass according to historical model
€ 159


Piet Hein

Piet Hein (1905-1996) - multi-thinker and universalist. He brings poetry, geometry and design together in a harmonious design, where function and art is weighted equally.

Helix Sundial
by Piet Hein

Time rises up to the sky.
from 1.450 €