HELIOS Subsolaris displays time (11 o'clock), date (15 May) and the sub-solar point (Saudi Arabia).

HELIOS Subsolaris

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
CET/CEST, date, sub-solar point
Stainless steel, acrylic glass
H1250mm x D290mm
Sundial with display of CET/CEST, date and sub-solar point. Also available with GMT display. Stainless steel support, weatherproof acrylic glass display screens.
3.950,00 € incl. VAT
delivery time 15 weeks
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  • 2 weeks statutory right of return (customised products excluded)
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Named after its unique function, the representation of the Sun’s path across the globe, HELIOS Subsolaris displays the exact Central European time (CET/CEST) and the date.

The movement of the Earth in its ecliptic path around the Sun and around its own axis is the gigantic cosmic clockwork which powers the sundial - accurate and consistent. The clock’s hand is the sunlight, which is coming from a different direction at any moment in time. The rays of light meet the sundial’s mirror and project the image of the Sun as point of light on the screen. In the example, the Sun’s image displays 11:00 CEST on 15 May and the sub-solar point at Makkah/Saudi Arabia. The zenith position, daily migration, seasons, solstice, equinox - the Sun itself makes these natural phenomena visible on the HELIOS sundial.

The sundial is clearly superior to the quartz clock in its continuous accuracy. The deviation of a quartz clock may be up to ±1 second per week, in a year it may be almost a whole minute too fast or too slow. The HELIOS sundial is absolutely accurate for the first year and even in 100 years will only deviate by a maximum of ±30 seconds.

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