Sundials for outdoors

With a portable sundial on the go when the sun is shining, determine the solar time from the position of the sun and enjoy the time.



The ideal decelerator for the stress-ridden! With the sundial on your wrist, just "count the cheerful hours" and "experience" solar time.

HELIOS Solar Ring

A 400 year old success story! Perfect in function and design, the HELIOS solar ring is a homage to the historic farmer's ring. It can be worn around the neck or on the finger.

CIELO Ring Sundial

Selected by Angela Merkel as a state gift. Precise, beautifully designed and easy to use. Sundial, sun compass and celestial model at the same time. Palladium-plated or gold-plated.

ICARUS Pocket Sundial

The first portable sundial with a world map on which you can read off any zone time in the world. With belt pouch and detailed, richly illustrated manual.

Sundials for the balcony

Sundials for the sunny windowsill (also) indoors or for the table on the balcony.


HORA Horizontal Sundial

The horizontal sundial gave its name to the "clockwise". Our first porcelain sundial combines beauty and function.

HORA Floris

Sundial with flower clock after Carl Linnaeus. A charming interplay of the two nature clocks!


Lux vita est - Light is life. Harmonise your inner clock with solar time.

HORA Prayer Sundial

Salāt is the ritual prayer of Islam. The HORA Prayer Sundial is used to determine important prayer times of Islam from the course of the Sun.

AURORA C Sundial Kit

A universal equatorial sundial is created in only four steps from 1mm thick cardboard with gold embossing.

AURORA A Sundial Kit

Made of anodised aluminium, this six-piece sundial kit is also weatherproof. Simply assembled, it creates a full equatorial sundial for any location in the world.

POLARIS table sundial

The further development of the beer mat sundial amazes with its ingeniously simple principle. With a world map and rotating time ring, it shows any standard time in the world and the sun's migration around the earth.

POLARIS L Sundial Kit

The ultimate sundial kit made of aircraft plywood is unsurpassed in terms of functionality, precision and price/performance ratio.


The first solar-powered sundial with a 12-hour hands clock. Inspired by NASA's Parker Solar Probe satellite.


The table sundial with accurate display of Central European Summer Time (CEST) or any other standard time and the date. For the balcony or the sunny desk.

Sundials for the garden

Ideally placed in a sunny spot in the garden or on the terrace, the sundial is a place of tranquillity and reflection on the roots of our timekeeping.


HELIOS Subsolaris

A concave mirror projects an image of the sun onto the globe screen. This functional principle, unique in the world, makes it possible to display the precise Central European time, the date and the zenith position of the sun (subsolar point).

TERRA Globe Sundial

The globe sundial with sawtooth display: Shadow is the past, light is the future. The low-priced alternative to the MAGELLAN and the MONDO.

MONDO Globe Sundial

Time measurement really vividly: The light of the sun travels around the world and shows the time and the noon position of the sun - the newly developed light segment display makes it possible.

MAGELLAN Globe Sundial

The German government has already given it to state presidents as a gift: the MAGELLAN globe sundial shines with its multitude of functions and its aesthetic design. With globe made of stainless steel investment casting.

MAGELLAN XXL Globe Sundial

Globe made of bronze lost wax casting with an impressive 350mm diameter. Especially suitable for parks, company entrées and public places, but also for private gardens.


The big sister of our table sundial. Unique production for the desired location. Display of the Central European Time (CET/CEST) and the global sun movement with high accuracy.


Equatorial sundial with anthracite metallic powder-coated frame and scales made of brushed stainless steel. Classic display of the solar time. Also available with high stand.

CHRONOS Precision sundial

The newly developed precision sundial with accurate display of Central European Time or any other standard time. Equipped with the legendary Bernhardt roller.

PIETRA Solar Ring

The solar ring in large (up to 300mm diameter) and as a standing model achieves high precision. Even with standard time conversion table.

PIETRA Globe sundial

As if carved out of stone! 3D-printed from fine natural sand for the location as a unique piece.


The apparent migration of the sun around the world. The ideal teaching model for schools, astronomical associations and of course for anyone interested in gnomonics who wants to learn about timekeeping with the sun.

Interactive celestial globe

The universal instrument: sundial and sun migration simulator at the same time. It can be used to tell the time and simulate the daily movement of the sun at different times of the year. This means that the celestial globe can also be used without the sun to illustrate solar celestial mechanics.


Celestial globe with equatorial sundial made of stainless steel (V4A). First built for a park in Hennigsdorf nearby Berlin.

Sundial tower

Vertical sundials in all four cardinal directions. Built for the first time for the State Garden Show in Bingen in 2008.

Floor sundial

A Person is at the centre of the "living" sundial. Only with him as a gnomon is the time shown. Particularly educational for kindergartens and schools, but also suitable for sunny parks or public places.

Sundials for the wall

The classic: Who doesn't know the sundial that decorates the wall of the house? We offer wall sundials that are not only ornamental, but - calculated for the location and direction of the wall - also show the exact time and the solstices and equinoxes.


MERIDIANA noon sundial

The noon sundial handcrafted from bronze sand casting. Adjustable for any location in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

SCALA dibond

The inexpensive wall-mounted sundial made of aluminium composite material with foil lettering.


The wall-mounted sundial made of aluminium.

VETRO vertical

The wall sundial made of glass, individually manufactured for your wall.

Sundial projects

Exceptional sundials that have been individually manufactured according to the customer's wishes.

DIY sundial

You would like to paint a sundial on your house wall? We have everything you need for this: from sundial calculations to adjustable gnomon.

For the indoor space



Developed for Audemars Piguet: the first Earth-Sun model with a real Kepler orbit. An excellent demonstration model to explain the equation of time and the seasons.