The interactive celestial globe is not only a sundial, but also an instrument that can simulate the daily Sun's path at different seasons.

The model of the celestial globe comes from ancient times. At that time it was imagined that the Sun, the Moon and the stars - fixed on crystal balls - moved around the Earth in the center. Even if we know since Copernicus that it is not so, the geocentric model from antiquity still has its own right to exist, because it shows what we see. The apparent migration of the Sun in the sky can be followed on the sundial. Just like the daily rotation of the Earth around the axis and the annual migration around the Sun.

Take a look at the one-minute TV report on the celestial globe:

In a very vivid way, the following questions can be examined with the interactive celestial globe:

  • When and where does the Sun rise in the morning and where does it set? In the east and west, as it is said, it only happens two days a year.
  • What time is it on your watch when the Sun is at its mid-day high in the south? 12 o'clock noon?
  • Where in the world is the Sun situated and what time is it in New York?
  • How long will I be able to read a book only with sunlight and will it be dark in summer at night?

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