Interactive celestial globe on concrete base (not included in delivery)

Interactive Celestial Globe D550 x H650

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
LAT, CET/CEST, date and much more
Powder-coated steel, stainless steel scales and operating parts
D550mm x H650mm
Ideally, you should install the smallest celestial globe at a height of 750mm, for example on a stone or concrete base. Small globe without twilight rings. The base displayed here is not included and must be ordered separately.
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The interactive celestial globe is not just a sundial: it is also an instrument which can simulate the Sun's daily path for different seasons.

The model of the celestial globe originates in ancient times. In those days, people imagined, that the Sun, the Moon and the stars  - attached to crystal balls - moved around the Earth as a central point. Even if we are aware since Copernicus that this is not the case, the geocentric model from ancient times still has every right to exist, since it shows exactly what we see. You can follow the apparent movement of the Sun in the firmament, the daily rotation of the Earth on its own axis and its annual movement around the Sun - all on one globe.

How does the globe work? It looks for the Sun with the dioptre until the globe's shadow is located in the middle of the central plate. The hand then displays the time on the time ring and the noon position of the Sun on the world map. The time ring is rotatable, so that Local Apparent Time, Central European Time (CET/CEST) and any other standard time can be read from the globe. The equation of time can be taken into account and is available on the table.

The function of the solar simulator: The Sun's day orbit from sunrise over noon to sunset can be simulated at different seasons. The cardinal points and times of the sunrise and sunset can be determined according to the date. The twilight process (civil, nautical and astronomical twilight) can also be demonstrated. The solar simulator also works when the Sun does not shine. In this case you can see the current position of the Sun in the sky without seeing it.

The sundial is made for the geographic coordinates of the site. The base is made of black lacquered steel, on request also in anthracite metallic. The tag side above the horizon is planted with stainless steel plate, from which the inscription is cut out, so that the black background appears. The night below the horizon remains black.

Explanatory panels with bilingual instructions for the operation of the sundial and the solar simulator are available. They are suitable for all sizes of the celestial globe with high stand. The panels are integrated into the stand and are ideally suited for explaining the operation of the interactive celestial globe to the viewer.

The celestial globe is available in various sizes: 550mm, 1100mm and 2000mm diameter.

You can find more information and pictures of the interactive celestial globe on our product page: Celestial Globe

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