HELIOS sundials - quality made in Germany.

HELIOSWATCH Solar Wristwatch: The ideal decelerator for stress sufferers.

The HELIOS Solar Ring is sundial and jewelry at the same time. Also custom-made for your location.

The CIELO - selected by Angela Merkel as a state gift. Precise, shapely and easy to use.

The patented ICARUS is the first travel sundial that can display all zone times in the world.

The precision sundial CHRONOS uses equation of time rollers to display any standard time to the minute.

The sundial AEQUINOX stands out for its striking design. "Your sundial is awesome!" says Tom Bergstresser, Conifer, Colorado (photo).

The globe sundial MAGELLAN shines through its variety of functions and its aesthetic design. Presented by the German Federal President as a state gift.

Unique functional principle: The HELIOS Subsolaris displays the Central European Time to the minute, the date and the subsolar point.

The sun's shadow migrates over the world map of the POLARIS XXL and shows where the sun is at noon. At the time ring read off the CET/CEST or any other standard time.

The interactive celestial globe is not only a sundial, but also an instrument that can simulate the daily sun's path at different seasons. (Photo: Grabs/Switzerland)

VETRO vertical: Glass wall sundial for the desired location.

The DIY wall sundial: Everything you need.

HELIOS sundials for travel, garden or wall

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A selection of our sundials for the garden or public places (PDF): HELIOS Sundials

HELIOS - Time to experience

Carlo Heller says: "In today’s fast-paced world people have lost their feel for the natural cycle of time. When the Sun is at its midday peak and your watch says 1.30pm Central European summertime, it’s actually only 12 noon in true solar time. With my sundials I want people to rediscover these rhythms and experience time anew, with greater awareness."

Watch the film to learn about Carlo Heller's invention of a high precision sundial:


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