Angela Merkel

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs likes to present our sundials to state guests. On 19.01.2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel received a state visit from the Ghanaian president, John Dramani Mahama. She selected our CIELO Ring Sundial as her state gift to him as an example of German engineering excellence.

Our POLARIS Sundial and  MAGELLAN Globe Sundial have also been presented as state gifts by the German Chancellor and the German Federal president. Gifts with a positive image and powerful symbolic meaning.

Audemars Piguet

The prestigious Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet chose our sundial design kit AURORA to complement his Equation du Temps wristwatch. Displaying the equation of time and true noon are a particular challenge in wristwatch manufacture. The sundial displays true noon daily and enables the Equation du Temps owner to compare his wristwatch with nature, offering a unique, immediate experience of the connection between the sundial's real time and the wristwatch's mean time.

Louis Vuitton

The Paris-based luxury brand Louis Vuitton chose a sundial theme for the presentation of its men's fashion collection for spring 2015. In front of a stylised background based on the historic sundial in Jaipur/India, models wore the HELIOS Solar Ring around their necks or the CIELO Ring Sundial on their bags.


"I love it!", says head designer Kim Jones (left) about his solar ring.