Analemmatic sundial: The shadow of man indicates 9 o'clock.

Analemmatic Sundial Stainless Steel

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
solar time
stainless steel
3000 mm x 2200 mm
Analemmatic sundial calculated and constructed for the location. 18-piece set made of brushed stainless steel sheet with mounting material, illustrated instructions for use and time difference table for exact determination of the north-south direction.
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The analemmatic sundial is also called the "living" sundial, because the time is only displayed with a person as a gnomon. This makes the analemmatic sundial particularly suitable for kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions.

In a playful way, the children learn to consciously perceive the daily and annual migration of the sun and to find out the answers to the following questions:

  •         How is the measurement of time related to the course of the sun?
  •         Where and when does the sun rise and set?
  •         What does midday mean in the truest sense of the word?
  •         How do the seasons come into being?

The analemmatic sundial with an elliptical dial and a date scale goes back to the famous Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy (100-160 AD).  Analemma comes from the Greek and means something like "auxiliary device". This means that you need a gnomon, which you position according to the date. Unlike a sundial with a polar gnomon, this one stands vertically on the ground, so that a person can also act as a shadow caster. There are also no hour lines, only hour points, as the direction from the gnomon to the hour point changes seasonally. The person stands in the middle on the corresponding date and the shadow immediately shows the time at the hour points.

A very interesting additional function are the sunrise and sunset points. With the help of these points, you can determine the direction and time of sunrise and sunset for a specific date. You come to the conclusion that these directions change a lot in the course of the year. Contrary to what is proverbially said, the sun only rises in the east and sets in the west exactly on two days of the year, namely at the beginning of spring and autumn. On the summer solstice, on the other hand, it rises in the north-east and sets in the north-west, and on the winter solstice it rises in the south-east and sets in the south-west.

We offer you the analematic sundial for the intended location in three stages of expansion. The geographical coordinates and the available area are taken into account.

  • Stage 1: Calculation of the hour points, the date scale and the sunrise and sunset points. Delivery as dimensioned drawing.
  • Stage 2: Calculation and design of the hour points, the date scale and the sunrise and sunset points. Supplied as self-adhesive painting stencils for spraying the sundial with road marking paint.
  • Stage 3: Calculation and design of the hour points, the date scale and the sunrise and sunset points. Supplied as laser-cut sheets of finely ground stainless steel. The set of 18 parts is suitable for screwing onto a solid surface (stone or concrete). Screws and dowels are included.

Instructions for use and a time difference table for the exact north-south alignment are included with all the expansion stages. The table shows the exact time of the sun's transit through the meridian (12 noon solar time) for your location. At this time you can determine the exact north-south line (noon line) with the help of the shadow of a plumb line or a vertical rod. You will need this to accurately record the ground sundial.

If you wish, we can also help you if you want to make the sundial from other materials (e.g. stone).  Please let us advise you and make you an offer. Call us right away: +49-611-185 11 06.

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