House of Sundials in Klagenfurt

In 2013, the Artelier Collection from Graz, together with the Rudolf Schilcher Private Foundation, realised the "House of Sundials" at the building Rosentalerstraße 127/Südring in Klagenfurt (Austria) with the Graz concept artist Michael Schuster, who provided the idea.

HELIOS Sonnenuhren was commissioned with the design and execution of the sundials: not an easy task to optimally fit the oversized sundials into the house fronts with windows. We were very well supported by our sundial friend Adi Prattes (at that time based in Klagenfurt), who took over the measurement of the south deviations of the walls and the construction management.

The living room sundial in Lüneburg

In close cooperation with our customer, Dr.-Ing. Jorgen von der Brelie, a not exactly everyday living room sundial was created in 2018.

The astronomy-savvy client built his house - with regard to the planned sundial - specifically in an east-west direction. Now, the pinhole installed in the roof projects a point of light onto the living room wall, showing the precise time and date in the living room of his house all year round.

Famous examples are the midday signposts with pinhole in the church of St-Sulpice in Paris or in the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna. In a private house, the Lüneburg living room sundial is probably unique.

Read the interesting project report in our blog post "The Living Room Sundial".

Watch the video that explains the function of the sundial in detail:

The sundial on the Rony school building in Hünenberg

A new extension for the Rony school building in Hünenberg (Switzerland) was to have a sundial on the windowless front made of Eternit corrugated sheets. In close cooperation with Röck Baggenstos Architekten AG, Baar, an extraordinary sundial was created in 2021. Made of gold-coloured powder-coated aluminium, it stands out well against the blue-grey background.