One often hears the observer of a sundial say: "It's wrong!" because he compares the sundial time with the time on the wristwatch. This is actually unfair, because the sundial correctly indicates the time of the sun's natural course, the so-called solar time or local apparent time (English: LAT German: WOZ). The wristwatch time, on the other hand, is an averaged time invented by the human being, which refers to a certain degree of longitude. This is called standard time or zone time , for example Central European Time (CET/CEST), which is valid in Central Europe.

Our newly developed equatorial sundial CHRONOS CET/CEST is equipped with equation-of-time rollers. This means that you can actually read Central European Time (CET/CEST) or any other standard time in the world directly and to the minute from this sundial.

The best way to show how the CHRONOS precision sundial works is with moving pictures. Take a look at the video (German):

The CHRONOS precision sundial CET can be set up for any desired location in the world: The latitude is set on a scale. The longitude of the location is taken into account in the dial, which is calculated as a unique piece, laser engraved and screwed to the equator ring. Two rollers are used: one for winter/spring (ascending sun) and the other for summer/autumn (descending sun). At the solstices they are exchanged in a few simple steps.

For the purists among sundial lovers, the CHRONOS is also available with a display of the local apparent time (LAT). Here, a straight rod (gnomon) is installed instead of the rollers and the dial shows 12 noon LAT when the sun passes the meridian of the location at true noon. The CHRONOS precision sundial LAT can therefore be used universally, only the latitude of the location has to be set. The dial always remains the same.

The roller set with CET/CEST dial can be retrofitted at any time so that you can turn a CHRONOS LAT into a CHRONOS CET.

The assembly and set-up of the CHRONOS precision sundial can be carried out without prior knowledge using detailed instructions with the help of the sun and an accurate wristwatch.

The CHRONOS is suitable for northern and southern latitudes between 0° and 60°. The diameter of the dial is 300mm, the total height of the sundial is 570mm or with high stand 1350mm.  The high stand is equipped with the more stable ball joint foot, which has already proven itself with the HELIOS Subsolaris and globe sundials. The base plate has a diameter of 100mm and can be mounted on solid ground with the screws and dowels provided.

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The following are opinions and pictures from satisfied customers:

"I’m looking after your development of sundials since two decades and like your developments on this theme. By far the Chronos precision sundial is my favorite as perfect combination of design and mathematical thoughts worked out perfectly."

Ing. Rinus Vader MSc, Villa Fonti Srl, 61038 Orciano di Pesaro, Italien, Homepage: Villa Fonti

"I received Chronos today, I am very happy with this beautiful sundial. It's truly an art piece. ...... I mounted Chronos on my back yard patio deck. The deck faces the west. This time of year, the sundial will track the sun from 0800 to sunset. This is the most precise sundial I ever had or seen. Chronos is a very remarkable sundial. We are very happy with it."
Thomas Johnson, Vallejo, United States.

"I received your CHRONOS precision sundial yesterday, but didn’t get to open the box until today. One word that describes what I received “WOW”.  I cannot believe the quality of the materials and weight of this sundial, amazing workmanship!  I am so happy with this purchase, to me it’s like a “one of a kind” type of sundial."
Ken DeRobertis, Melville, NY, United States