How do I create my own flower clock in the garden? The accompanying booklet for the sundial HORA Floris.

Die Blumenuhr

Jan Thorbecke Verlag
Hardcover with half linen
11 x 17 cm
The ideal companion booklet (German) for the sundial HORA Floris. Richly illustrated instructions to create your own flower clock after Carl von Linné. Compilation of suitable plants with information on the respective flowering times. 64 pages. 7th edition 2016
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At seven o'clock in the morning, the marigold opens its bright flowers and closes them again punctually at one. Like the pretty medicinal plant, all other flowering plants have an internal clock that controls the times when their flowers open and close.

What could be more natural than to determine time with the help of this knowledge? The famous naturalist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) was able to recognize the time of day for just five minutes - a glance out the window at the flower clock he had developed in the Botanical Garden of Uppsala was enough for him.

The reader learns in this beautifully illustrated gift book, which plants when their flowers open and close, how to recognize them and where to find them. Of course there is also a guide in how to create a flower clock in your own garden.

The sunlight synchronizes the inner clock of the flowers with the solar time. With the sundial HORA Floris you can create your flower clock after the solar time. An attractive combination of the two natural clocks, both of which follow the natural course of the Sun!

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