Das Kompendium für Taschensonnenuhren

A Dial in your Poke

Mike Cowham
Die Geschichte der tragbaren Sonnenuhren von ihren ersten Anfängen bis zu ihrem Verschwinden im späten 19. Jahrhundert. Das Kompendium zu Taschensonnenuhren. In englischer Sprache.
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Sundials of the British Isles

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A Dial in your Poke is a book of portable sundials by Mike Cowham, Second Edition, 2011. 216 pages, full colour. Page Size A4.
This book discusses the history of portable sundials from their earliest concepts through to their eventual decline in the late 19th Century. It then goes on to describe some of the dials more recently made, often replicas of the older styles, and new concepts in dialling introduced in more recent years. The book is illustrated with more than 300 photographs in full colour, which have been taken of portable dials mainly in private collections. Many of these wonderful dials have not appeared before in gnomonic literature. When thinking of a sundial, most people envisage the dial in a garden, mounted on a pedestal or perhaps one of the great vertical dials to be found on our churches and public buildings. This book shows how the portable sundial has been used during the past centuries as a functioning timepiece and as an article of personal jewellery.

Sundials of the British Isles - a selection of dials chosen by a team of writers covering all parts of the British Isles, compiled and edited by Mike Cowham. First Edition, 2005. 272 pages, full colour. Page Size A4.
This book takes us on a journey to every corner of our Islands to visit sundials chosen by local experts. On the way we encounter interesting buildings, stately homes, churches and beautiful scenery.
Many of us think of a sundial as an object on a pedestal in the garden but in these pages you will learn of the wide diversity of dial design and the variety of materials from which they may be constructed. The historical period covered spans from Saxon times to the present day. In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in dials leading modern dialmakers to produce some fascinating and often innovative designs. Take your map and this book for an enjoyable day out or as a companion whenever you are travelling around the British Isles. 

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