Dial plates for standard time (CET) and summer time/daylight saving time (CEST)

Dial plates set

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
Standard time, i.g. CET/CEST or GMT/BST
Anodized aluminium
D300mm x H32mm
Dial plates for standard time (e.g. CET) and summer time/daylight saving time (e.g. CEST). Geodata are determined from the order address, if different, please specify under Remarks.
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Our newly developed equatorial sundial CHRONOS is a precision sundial, from which you can read the time to the minute exactly. The sundial is modular, which means that a variety of dials and gnomons can be used within the same sundial (the dials and gnomons are interchangeable). This enables you to use the CHRONOS as a sundial displaying true solar time (LAT) or any standard time (e.g. Central European Time). A change of display is also possible at any time.

We offer the following products (selection by opening the product list box at the top right):

  • CHRONOS precision sundial LAT displays the true solar time (officially called local apparent time LAT) and reproduces the natural migration of the Sun. That is, when, the sun reaches its current peak at the location of the sundial at precisely south, it displays 12 noon. This sundial is universal and can be used at any location between 30 ° and 60 ° north or south latitude. For the southern hemisphere the dial is used "counterclockwise".
  • CHRONOS precision sundial CET/CEST is produced for the desired location as a unique piece and shows the Central European time or any other standard time of the world. The large digits indicate summer time (CEST), the small digits standard time (CET). Since natural solar time is uneven, it is smoothed by a time-equalizing roller ("Bernhardt's roller"). You always need two rollers, one for winter/spring (ascending sun) and the other for summer/autumn (descending sun), which need to be exchanged for the solstices. The time is read from the leading shadow of the roller. The dial is calculated for your unique location and is laser-engraved. The name of your location and the geographic coordinates are engraved. To determine the location, we always use the address you have provided on your order and determine the geographic coordinates from Google Earth. If you require the CHRONOS to be calculated for another location, please specify this in the “remark” field when ordering. The CHRONOS can also be calculated for any other time zone (for example GMT) worldwide, in this case we also use the order address for data collection.
  • CHRONOS on high stand: Normally, the sundial is delivered with a stainless steel stand (D30mm) and has a total height of 570mm. We also offer the CHRONOS with a high stainless steel stand or with a granite stele (total height 1350mm each). The high stands are equipped with the more stable ball-and-socket foot, which has already proven its superiority in use with the HELIOS Subsolaris and the globe sundials. With the high stand the CHRONOS is at eye level and easy to read.
  • Retrofit kit standard time (e.g. CET/CEST): If you have decided to purchase the CHRONOS precision sundial LAT, you can convert it to the CHRONOS precision sundial  CET/CEST at any time. Simply change the dial and mount the roller corresponding to the season.
  • Dial plates set for standard time (CET) and summer time/daylight saving time (CEST): Normally the CHRONOS CET/CEST is equipped with a combined dial for summer time (daylight saving time) and standard time. If you do not like ambiguities, you can get order two separate dials, which you exchange for the summer time changeover. The dials are fixed with four screws, which are loosened. If the sundial is provided for a time zone deviating from the CET, you will receive the corresponding dials (for example GMT/BST).
  • Foot cover inscription: We will gladly engrave the foot cover according to your wishes, for example with your name, a congratulation or a motto.
  • Latitude measuring instrument: The CHRONOS can be adjusted with a scale for the latitude of the location. If absolute precision is important to you, you can use this measuring device to adjust the degree of latitude even more precisely. In addition, there is a compass set with which the CHRONOS can be aligned to the north.

The CHRONOS is suitable for northern and southern latitudes between 30 ° and 60 ° (latitude <30 ° on request). The diameter of the dial is 300mm, the total height of the sundial is 570mm or on a high stand 1350mm. The base plate has a diameter of 100mm. The sundial is supplied with a detailed manual, fasteners and tools in a high-quality PE foam packaging.

If you want to request for an engraving or a different location, please state this clearly when ordering in the comment field provided for this purpose. The comment field appears during the ordering process directly after the address input.

Consumer opinions:

"I received Chronos today, I am very happy with this beautiful sundial. It's truly an art piece. ...... I mounted Chronos on my back yard patio deck. The deck faces the west. This time of year, the sundial will track the sun from 0800 to sunset. This is the most precise sundial I ever had or seen. Chronos is a very remarkable sundial. We are very happy with it."
Thomas Johnson, Vallejo, United States.

"I received your CHRONOS precision sundial yesterday, but didn’t get to open the box until today. One word that describes what I received “WOW”.  I cannot believe the quality of the materials and weight of this sundial, amazing workmanship!  I am so happy with this purchase, to me it’s like a “one of a kind” type of sundial."
Ken DeRobertis, Melville, NY, United States

"The design and precision execution of the dial, post, adjustment points, and mounting hardware are among the best I have ever seen. As a reliable instrument, it is not only incredibly clever, and incredibly accurate, but it is also an extremely beautiful and attractive embodiment of the concept of elegance in both engineering and design.
I am already proud to have clients encounter this CHRONOS as the first thing they see when arriving at the Cognitive Behavioral Institute.  Everyone on the staff of the Institute is amazed and enthralled, and can't stop going out to look at it. I had anticipated that it would be interesting, but I never anticipated this level of excitement."
Bradford C. Richards, Ph.D., ABPP, Albuquerque, NM USA
Let CHRONOS explain exactly. Watch the video (German):



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Mounting the high stand on the base plate

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