Marble base plate suitable for all globe sundials

Marble Base Plate

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
Antique marble
L100mm x B100mm x H12mm
Marble base plate suitable for all globe sundials
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The MAGELLAN globe sundial has already been chosen several times as state gift of the German Federal President to other Heads of State.

Our daily life is determined by the transition from day to night. As a result of the Earth’s rotation, the Sun moves tirelessly from east to west, the location at which the Sun reaches its meridian altitude, i.e its highest point at noon, changes continuously. The MAGELLAN sundial displays the Sun’s path around the globe in a totally original way.

With the MAGELLAN you can follow the Sun’s migration across the Earth using the noon adjusting arm, which you swivel in the Sun until the shadows to the right and the left of the arm disappear. The noon adjusting arm is then positioned directly above the latitude at which the Sun is culminating at this moment in time. This means that the Sun is currently reaching its local culmination at all locations along this line of latitude, it is now noon. At one location along this line of latitude, the Sun’s rays meet the Earth vertically, here the Sun is at its zenith. Its so-called sub-solar (below the Sun) point is displayed on the noon arm. The sunlight penetrates the narrow slits in the noon adjustment arm, is reflected to the side and illuminates small light segments, which are at their brightest when they point directly towards the Sun. You can ascertain the sub-solar point and read off the date at the most brightly-lit light segment.

Adjusted exactly for its location’s latitude and longitude, the MAGELLAN globe takes up the same position as the Earth. The sunlight continually illuminates the steel globe just like our planet, so that day and night are clearly visible. Day and night, sunrise and sunset, polar day and polar night - the Sun itself demonstrates to you after "natural phenomena", which in their eternal play of light and shadow determine the course of our life on Earth.

The sundial is installed on solid flooring (for example on a wall, railings or a stone pedestal). The base is adjustable and is aligned in the horizontal using the built-in spirit-level. Securing materials, tools and a detailed instruction pamphlet are supplied.

For all globe sundials, a stand made from stainless steel Ø50mm or Ø32mm or made from granite nero assoluto (85x85mm, height 1m) is available. Installation on a solid base or earth ground. Securing material, tools and a manual are supplied.

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