Inscription foot cover, for example with your name, a congratulation or a motto.

Inscription foot cover

Helios Sonnenuhren
Engraving the foot cover according to your wishes, for example with your name, a congratulation or a motto.
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A globe sundial with a time ring to display any zone time (i.e. Central Europe CET/CEST) and the noon position of the Sun. The time ring, which was specifically developed for the TERRA, contains a saw tooth tread design that displays by light and shadow: light is future, schadow is past. The tooth tread cast a shadow in sequence with the apparent movement of the Sun across the globe and display the time and the Sun's position.

In the eternal play of light and shade, you can track day and night, sunrise and sunset, polar day and polar night on the globe sundial. Adjusted for the geographic coordinates of your location, the globe is always lit up in the same way as the Sun lights the Earth.

Globe made from a sanded stainless steel casts. Manufactured in a lost wax melting process, the wax model and the ceramic mould are each used for only one casting and are produced from scratch for each new globe. Careful artisinal crafting and a wealth of experience is required for this casting process, which is steeped in tradition. The globe (16cm in diameter) and all other parts are manufactured from stainless steel. The optical element integrated in the time scale ring is made of weatherproof acrylic glass. The sundial can be used outside all year round.

The TERRA can be mounted on an adjustable base on an appropriate pedestal. Securing material, tools and a manual are supplied.

The TERRA's base or the stand's base cover can be engraved with a message of congratulations or a motto on request.

For all globe sundials, a stand made from stainless steel Ø50mm or Ø32mm or made from granite nero assoluto (85x85mm, height 1m) is available. Installation on a solid base or earth ground. Securing material, tools and a manual are supplied.

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