The SOLEMIO sundial displays Central European time, the date and the subsolar point.

SOLEMIO Sundial Orange

Dr. E. Kretschmann, Dr. P. Zacharias
Acrylic glass with orange print
D40 mm x H52 mm
Sundial with cylinder made of solid acrylic glass with orange print. Display of Central European Time (CET/CEST), date and subsolar point by means of light crescent. Time of sunrise and sunset for each day. Suitable for Germany.
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SOLEMIO Sundial blue

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The SOLEMIO sundial consists of a solid acrylic glass cylinder that collects the sunlight like a thick lens and projects it onto a foil printed with the sundial scale. There, a bright, crescent-shaped light spot is created on which you can read off the Central European time (standard time and daylight saving time) as well as the date. Not only that, on the upside-down world map you can track the so-called subsolar point. This is the place in the tropics where the sun is just perpendicular above the earth. You can also read the time of sunrise and sunset for every date in the year.

The sundial is calculated for the centre of Germany. If you live near there, you can set the sundial according to your wristwatch when the sun is shining and read off the time and date all day long. If you live further away and want it to be very precise, you can tilt the cylinder according to the latitude and longitude difference between your location and the centre of Germany. How to do this is described in the detailed, illustrated instructions. With a little care, the sundial displays with amazing accuracy.

The SOLEMIO sundial is available in blue or orange and comes in an original printed cardboard box that immediately arouses curiosity. When you open it, you will find the sundial under the instruction booklet in a soft velour bag. When placed in the sun, the fun with the sunny timepiece can begin immediately.

Copyright holders: Dr. E. Kretschmann, Dr. P. Zacharias

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