HELIOS Solar Ring with polished stainless steel aperture ring

HELIOS Solar Ring

Helios Sonnenuhren
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller
Local apparent time (solar time)
Polished and brushed stainless steel
D24mm x D20mm x B14mm
Solar ring displays local apparent time (LAT). Can be worn either around your neck on the rubber strap or on your finger. Engraved date scale and a laser-marked hour scale.
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Due to its easy handling and practical format, the solar ring is a widely used time measuring instrument, which looks back on an almost 400 year success story. Invented and developed in the 15th century by Peuerbach and Regiomontanus, the solar ring -also called the farmer’s ring- was used amongst the rural population up until the 19th century for simple time reading by the Sun.

The new HELIOS Solar Ring is an homage to its historical role model, perfection in functionality and design. And even more, the sundial is a piece of jewellery which can be worn either around your neck on the rubber strap or on your finger. The sundial displays true solar time, also called local apparent time (LAT). The Latitude is 50°N. The model is made of brushed stainless steel with a rotatable polished stainless steel or gold-plated aperture ring. Laser-engraved date scale and hour scale.

Fans of absolute accuracy can request a solar ring manufactured uniquely for their own location. The HELIOS Solar ring custom-made can be made for any location between 23° and 66° northern or southern latitude. The latitude and the location are engraved on the time scale, the month names on the date scale in English, French, Italian or Spanish. We even include a conversion table from the solar time (also called local apparent time LAT) to the standard time.

We can offer you engraving (name, motto, congratulations, Christmas greetings, etc.) at no additional cost  (2 lines with 25 characters each).

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