How do I create my own flower clock in the garden? The accompanying booklet for the sundial HORA Floris.

Die Blumenuhr

Jan Thorbecke Verlag
Hardcover with half linen
11 x 17 cm
The ideal companion booklet (German) for the sundial HORA Floris. Richly illustrated instructions to create your own flower clock after Carl von Linné. Compilation of suitable plants with information on the respective flowering times. 64 pages. 7th edition 2016
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The Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) was able to accurately read the time of day on his famous flower clock. He took advantage of the fact that every plant opens and closes its flowers at certain times. The sunlight synchronizes the inner clock of the flowers with the solar time.

The sundial HORA Floris (lat .: hour of the flower) indicates the solar time, after which the plants are directed. Therefore, the sundial is an important tool if you want to create your own flower clock.

To put the sundial into operation align the sundial with the supplied compass in the direction of the north arrow (at 12 o'clock). Then the HORA Floris shows the solar time.

A little more patience is needed for the planting of the appropriate flower clock. The richly illustrated booklet "The Flower Clock" is very useful for this purpose (see below). You will find a compilation of suitable plants with information on the respective flowering times.

The aim should be that the flower clock and the sundial show the same time: a delightful interaction of the two natural clocks, both of which follow the natural course of the sun!

The clock plate of the sundial is made of porcelain and is manufactured in the porcelain manufactory Rudolf Kämmer in Rudolstadt, Germany. For over 100 years, the Thuringian family business has dedicated itself to the production of high-quality porcelain art by hand.

The multi-colored decor is baked at 800°C in the glaze. Only ceramic solid colors are used. The central hemisphere made of stainless steel contains the gnomon at an angle of latitude (50 ° N). The sundial stands on three rubber feet and can be placed either on the sunny windowsill or outdoors all year round. Our sundial HORA Floris benefits from the good properties of porcelain such as the scratch-resistant, waterproof surface and the excellent weathering and frost resistance.

The HORA Floris is patent protected by the utility model no. 20 2018 005 116.

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