Natürliche Rhythmen nutzen und der Non-Stop-Belastung entgehen

Unsere Innere Uhr

Jürgen Zulley und Barbara Knab
Wissenschaftlich fundiert und gleichzeitig unterhaltsam mit vielen Tipps, um gesünder, leistungsfähiger und zufriedener zu sein
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HORA Lux - sundial with inner biological clock

Does your internal biological clock collide with the early start of work or late work? Does the biannual clock change upset your body? If yes, then you live better after the solar time!

For the inner biological clock of the human being is influenced the most by the change of the color and intensity of the sunlight. The internal biological clock regulates human body temperature, blood pressure and hormone release. It determines individually which times of the day people prefer for meals, sports or love and how and when they sleep. Three US researchers have found out how the internal clock works and received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2017.

Lux vita est - Light is life. The HORA Lux is the first sundial to illuminate the relationship between the solar time and the human internal biological clock. Bring your inner clock into harmony with the solar time. You will see that during the day you are more alert and in a better mood, more productive and less often ill!

Each HORA Lux is accompanied by a self-testimonial form in which you can enter your own insights into your internal biological clock. Also a compass to align to the north is there. Recommended is the book by Jürgen Zulley and Barbara Knab "Unsere innere Uhr", which you can order with us right away.

The HORA Lux is available in two variants:

  • HORA Lux A: The A stands for astronomia (Latin "astronomy"). The astronomical representation of the lighting conditions at different times of day and seasons allows to experience the relationship between the color temperature and the internal biological clock.
  • HORA Lux C: The C stands for about this (Latin "about a day"). This leads to the term "circadian rhythm", which is commonly used in chronobiologists. This sundial depicts illustrations of body processes and their influence on daily life for a better understanding.

The clock plate of the sundial is made of porcelain and is manufactured in the porcelain manufactory Rudolf Kämmer in Rudolstadt. For over 100 years, the Thuringian family business has dedicated itself to the production of high-quality porcelain art by hand.

The multicolored dial plate is burned into the glaze at 800 ° C. Only ceramic solid colors, which are screen-printed, are used. The central hemisphere made of stainless steel takes up the gnomon. The sundial stands on three rubber feet and can be placed either on the sunny windowsill or outdoors all year round. Our sundial HORA Lux benefits from the good properties of porcelain such as the scratch-resistant, waterproof surface and the excellent weathering and frost resistance.

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